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(Ninewa Reconstruction) Conference

(Ninewa Reconstruction) Conference

The representative of the Governance Institute for Miss Directors (Sazan Imad) has participated in the Nineveh Investment Forum held on (4 - 5/12/2019) in the Divan Hotel sponsored and organized by USAID and in the presence of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government and the American government and the participation of many American, European and Iraqi investors with the aim of rebuilding and re-investing in Nineveh.

Miss Sazan Imad, through her intervention in the second session, pointed out: the current business / investment climate in Nineveh; in order to build the right and strong structure for the private sector, the application of governance that ensures investment attraction and corporate continuity for future generations, increased profitability, and an environment of control that limits corruption should be applied.

It was also pointed out that the Governance Institute for Directors GIoD has worked with the Central Bank of Iraq under the supervision and sponsorship of the International Finance Corporation IFC member of the World Bank Group to serve the banking sector as most of the Iraqi banks participated in our courses, and now we work and focus to serve companies in the private sector with the aim of attracting investment for the reconstruction of Iraq by spreading a culture of corporate governance that ensures increased disclosure by companies, which leads to attracting investors.

Also, it was also pointed out that there is a difference between governance and electronic government, as the electronic government is to make electronic paper works and transactions which are part or step in order to implement electronic governance as governance means good governance and electronic governance means electronic supervision and control of the institution at the lowest possible cost and speed.

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