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Asriya Group:

The employees and managers of the company have participated in our development courses, which led to the organization and improvement of the company's performance in terms of:

  •  The Board of Directors was reconfigured in accordance with the principles of governance, which was reflected positively on the work and vision of the Board and the effectiveness of its role within the company.
  • Adding the independent member according to the governance instructions, which added a different vision to the company and opened a door for new relationships, which opened cooperation and investment frameworks for the company.
  • Writing the job description for the company's employees, which led to the separation of tasks and the distribution of powers that positively affected employee productivity, efficiency and ease of work, improving and organizing the work environment and reducing problems.
  • Two million dollars were invested by shareholders as the result of adopting the culture of governance and increase in disclosure, transparency and the changes that resulted from it, which all led to improved performance.


International Islamic Bank: 

The bank’s employees and managers participated in the development courses held at the bank on the issue of governance, which led to the organization and renovation of the bank’s performance in terms of:

  • Nomination of an independent member of the Board of Directors according to the recommendations of governance, which added to the bank a different vision, opened the door for new relations and unfolded new cooperation and investment frameworks
  • As part of the process of changing the bank’s strategy, KMPG was contracted to regulate the work environment
  • Improving performance and organizing the work environment by restructuring the committees emanating from the Board of Directors, the mechanism of reporting, and the role and powers of the external auditor
  • In order to reach the level of institutional maturity of 5.2 within five years and to achieve financial inclusion, more than $ 1 million has been invested in implementing IT governance through the application of:
    1. Cobit 5 and ITIL frameworks
    2. ISO 31000, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 Specifications Standard
    3. EFS, Wallet, BI, DR Site, CBS and other electronic systems