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What is the benefit of implementing corporate governance to your company ?

Companies and Institutes always seek for the best to enhance their competitiveness and continuity in a market where there is no room for error .

Corporate Governance is the cornerstone of corporate  continuity ; therefore it has been of great importance without regard to the size or type of the company .The most important benefit for those companies that apply governance properly and soundly include :

  1. To assist in obtaining external finance .
  2. To enhance performance and improve operational efficiency.
  3. To reduce the cost of capital
  4. To improve the degree of credibility and the reputation of company
  5. To institutionalize family companies

What does the Iraqi Institute of Directors  offer regarding consultancy services in the field of corporate governance ?

The Iraqi Institute of Directors offers a wide range of consultancy services in the field of corporate governance ,including :

  1. An integrated evaluation of the practices of corporate governance and development plans
  2. Evaluation od Board of Directors
  3. Developing the efficiency of Board of Directors
  4. Developing Corporate governance systems of family companies
  5. Developing Corporate governance of small and medium enterprises
  6. Assistance in appointing independent members of the Board of Directors 
  7. Application of Corporate corporate governance
  8. Assistance in the development of manual and charters
  9. Assistance in the development of disclosure policies
  10. Assistance in the development of internal control systems and internal auditor ( control environment)
  11. Training the members of Board of Directors
  12. Consultancy in the development of strategies and techniques for the preparation and management of contracts as well as reduction of financial and legal risks
  13. Consultancy in advanced techniques for detecting fraud in contracts and determining the revocable contract
  14. Providing consultancy to the companies registered in the stock market
  15. Providing consultancy services to insurance companies