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Board of Trustees

Dr. Wasfi Taher Saalih Kahwachi - Vice Chairman

Dr. Wasfi Taher Saalih Kahwachi - Vice Chairman

Dr. Wasfi is the vice chairman of the Governance Institute of Directors – Iraq , He works with The World Bank Group – IFC as a trainer for Corporate Governance. Also, he works with the World Bank to support the Private Family Companies to systematize and institutionalize their works and activities. He is a Statistics Asst. Prof. in Admin. & Econ. College, Salahaddin University and was the dean of the college of administration and Economics –Salahaddin University.


Dr. Wasfi is a member of the Consultants Board of Ministry of Education, KRG, a member in the high committee of the Kurdistan Tourism between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Higher Institute for Tourism in Kurdistan, a member in the High Committee of the Strategic Planning Preparation of the Erbil Governorate, a member in the preparation of Kurdistan Employment Policy with the Ministry of Labor, KRG, a member in the Higher Committee of Iraq and KRG Public Sector Modernization Program, with the support of UNESCO, UNICEF, and UNDP, a member in the higher committee of the Demography Program in Iraq, with UNFPA representing Kurdistan and a member in the Higher Committee of Kurdistan Population Policy, with the support of UNFPA with the ministry of planning - KRG.


He holds a Bachelor degree in Statistics from Salahaddin University, Erbil – Iraq, a masters degree in Statistics from Baghdad University, Baghdad – Iraq, and a Ph.D in Statistics and Digital Image Processing from Baghdad University, Baghdad – Iraq.