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Board of Trustees

Wadeea Noori Ayyed Al Handal - Board Member

Wadeea Noori Ayyed Al Handal - Board Member

Mr. Wadeea was born 1962. He was raised in Iraq in a family that values hard work and strives to imbibe these principles in the children, that they defend, believe in and hold dear. This atmosphere benefited him in developing leadership skills from an early age with an emphasis on management and economic acumen.

Mr. Wadeea started his career in the late seventies, working in his father’s business in Iraq whilst completing his undergraduate studies. He graduated from Baghdad University with an Agricultural Engineering degree in 1984.

His competence, insight, and strong will, led him to get involved in many enterprises, eventually establishing several companies in Iraq and within the region. He then pursued his ambition by starting his own business with an unwavering commitment to ideologies he set for himself. He firmly believed that seeking knowledge and determination helps achieve success.  He is committed to achieving his ambition of serving the people of Iraq wherever they may be.

Mr. Wadeea has assumed responsibility of several vital managerial positions in the private sector over the years, some of these are:

  • Founder and Chairman of Ashur International Bank for Investment – Iraq. This bank was established in 2005 and it has strived since then to develop banking investment products and services according to the latest techniques in business.
  • Chairman of Al Handal International Group since 2007.
  • Chairman of Iraqi Private Banks League in Iraq.
  • Chairman of Al Jawhara Al Khaleejeya Trading Co. operating from Dubai, UAE.
  • Chairman of Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees.
  • Iraqi Company for Financing SMEs (ICF-SMEs), which is owned by the private sector and a number of Iraqi banks.
  • Vice Chairman and shareholder of Hamreen brick factory.
  • Advisor on economic affairs to the Iraqi Cabinet (on behalf of the private sector).
  • Advisor on economic affairs to Tijara Organization affiliated to USAID.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Business Council in Baghdad – Iraq.

Mr. Wadeea has participated in many economic and banking conferences, gatherings, and seminars in Arab countries, as well as in the Asian and European regions.

He has received a multitude of honors and recommendations from many Arab, Asian, and European officials, as well as representatives of major corporations.