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Board of Trustees

Dr. Nasir Shema - Board Member

Dr. Nasir Shema - Board Member

    An Iraqi artist and a distinguished oud player, born in Kut, Iraq. SHAMMA earned more than 60 awards. He began his graduation year with "The Best Emotional Musical Tune in Iraq", the honor of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate for three consecutive years from 1988-1990, the best artist in Iraq in 1994 and the Royal British Academy Award in 1998. , As well as the Rotterdam Arab Festival  award and many more.

During his career, SHAMMA launched the Arab Oud House, establishing his first position at the Opera House in Cairo in 1999.One of the achievements of these concerts is that they have provided a new level in the Arab Orchestra to the world, and succeeded in creating bridges between the Western public and the culture of Arabic music at the academic level. Shamma founded the "Glubb Ansumblah", a group of leading Western musicians under his leadership, and the "Oriental Orchestra".


During his journey, SHAMMA has always been a supporter of humanitarian projects to promote peace around the world, such as the (Tazc) charity, which provides medical care for Iraqi children, and the (Ahlana) campaign to care for the displaced people and their return to their homes in Iraq.One of the most prominent ongoing projects, "ALQ Baghdad" launched by SHAMMA with the aim of rebuilding 21 square in Baghdad,In addition to renovating Rashid Street in Baghdad as a first step, with the hope of spreading throughout Iraq.

In addition, Shamma uses music to gather support for a number of documented projects that serve humanitarian principles.He has been honored for humanitarian work with awards such as the 2012 Goose Peace Prize and was chosen as Goodwill Ambassador by the Iraqi Red Crescent Society 2018. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador of the International Nonviolence Foundation 2016, and is currently working as UNESCO Peace Artist, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.